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Charger Β6 80W for 2S~6S Lipo -80W

Charger Β6 80W for 2S~6S Lipo -80W
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Charger Β6 80W for 2S~6S Lipo -80W
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Balance Charger B6 for 2~6S Lipo Battery

Balance Charger for 2S up to 6S Lipo Batteries.

Input voltage: 11-18VDC
Output Charge Power: 80W
Discharge Power: 10W
Max Charging Current: 6A
Discharge Current Range: 0.1~2.0A
Charge current range:0.1-6.0A
NiCd/NiMH battery cell count: 1 - 15cells
LiPo/LiLo/LiFe battery cell count:( 1 - 6cells )
Pb battery voltage: 2~20V
Build-In Adaptor

What you Get:

1 x Lipo Charger B6

This item is clone of iMAX B6AC

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